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Emotions Run High at Weddings

We can guarantee that any wedding can be one of the most emotionally-charged days that you will experience in your life and can be even more so when there’s someone special who is missing from your big day.

Grandparents and parents are our first role models growing up, they shape who we are and who we become. So when we lose someone close – and especially if this happens near to the wedding date itself – it’s important to honour and acknowledge their love & guidance. 

Not as excited as you should about your wedding? It could be because there’s going to be an empty space at your top table. Here are some lovely ideas to commemorate either a recently-passed family member, friend or even a pet with whom you had a loving connection. 

Here's our top 5 tips to honour them:

1) One of the simplest way for a couple to keep memories of a loved one close to them is to carry their photo in a small frame attached to their bouquet or buttonhole.  A florist will be able to secure the miniature frame, locket or charm to the handle of your flowers or buttonhole.  Or a small photo can be sewn into the lining of a dress or jacket.

2) Another is a memorial table, this can be laid out with a selection of wedding photographs from both your families is a subtle, yet comforting, reminder of missing loved ones.

3) Chalk boards, candles, and mismatched photo frames can be very arranged in a pretty dedicated space, perhaps somewhere quiet, that you and your guests may choose to visit. 

4) Consider making a dedication to those you’ve lost by printing it in to the order of service or wedding programme.  This is often found on the back page, using wording like “In memory of those who can no longer be with us in body but who will forever be in our hearts” and will touch everyone who reads it.

5) A lovely idea is an empty chair or a place setting at the top table, reserved for the special person you’re missing.  But bear in mind this option can have the potential to trigger sad feelings if it’s in your line of vision during the ceremony itself.

However you choose to remember that special someone, remember this - whether you are having that grand wedding you had been planning or one of the small and intimate ceremonies we are getting used to, they would want you to have a wonderful day and be happy.