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Choosing the perfect wedding dress

Wedding dress shopping can be stressful; there’s a lot of pressure to find ‘The One’. But here at Martels we can help and guide you through the process in a stress-free and relaxing environment.

We want to help you choose exactly the right dress for you. First, follow our simple guide:-

  1. Keep an open mind. Even if you know what suits you, or you know the sort of wedding dress you’d like, allow yourself to be guided by the experts. You may get the wow-factor from something you’d never have thought of trying.

  2. Take your venue into account. Are you getting married in a barn or a stately home? Does the venue have an art deco theme or a vintage vibe? These shouldn’t dominate your decision but it might have some baring on the type of dress you choose.

  3. If you’re getting married abroad, don’t choose something that’s really heavy (or hot!) or a fabric that’ll crease too much. Or something too big - you might end up having to pay for another seat on the plane just for your dress!

  4. Don’t ignore your budget. If it’s a good fit and a beautiful dress is doesn’t have to cost the earth. Expensive is not always the best. But don’t forget to factor in alterations. Most dresses will need be fitted to your size and shape.

  5. Don’t sacrifice style for comfort. Style is obviously important but if you can’t eat, sit or dance in your dress then it’s not the right dress for you!

  6. Don’t ignore the goosebumps. Sometimes the first dress you try on will give you that thrill and it’ll be the dress for you. Try on others, but you might return to that first dress.

  7. Sometimes trying on too many dresses can be confusing too.

  8. Don’t take too many people with you. Conflicting advice won’t help.

  9. Don’t worry about having the wobbles. If you buy a dress you absolutely love you’ll be fine. It’s completely normal to have a few wobbles once you’ve bought it.

  10. Last but not least…don’t forget to have fun!