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When do I buy my wedding dress?

There is a great urge to go try on dresses as soon as the ring is on your finger. A lot of girls have been dreaming of wearing that beautiful wedding gown since watching Cinderella when they were little! However, if you are planning on a long engagement then don't be too hasty. What you fall in love with now might not be what you like in 3 years time. Don't leave it too late though as some big designers have a long order time (The longest I've heard of was 11 months!). Here are some Wedding Dress Shopping tips: 1) Start looking with about a year to go 2) Don't take too many people with you when you shop (2 or 3 people who's opinions you value is ideal) 3) Give yourself plenty of ti

More Ways To Incorporate Flowers Into Your Wedding

From bouquets and button holes, to arrangements at the ceremony, and the artistic floral creation for table centrepieces; flowers are a key component of any wedding. They bring in extra colour, texture and beauty to your special day. If you fancy taking a step away from the traditional way of using flowers at your wedding and want to use them in an interesting and quirky way, then below we have listed examples of ways flowers have been used creatively, to make your wedding stand out and extra special;

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